Caruso designer suits – Made in Italy

Like several other great brands, Caruso has its deep roots in the tradition and legacy of Italian clothing manufacturing.   The tradition is influenced and inspired by the effortless lifestyle of the Prince of Soragna in Naples.  The uncomplicated treats of the local cuisine, the luminous tones of its opera, the romantic perennial scenery and, naturally, the smooth beauty of well-tailored garments that with their natural drape and unconstructed glory stand out as much as they blend in, are the hallmarks of Neapolitan life.
Caruso is a tailoring house that focuses on the Neapolitan cut, which involves a higher armhole, lighter canvas, natural shouldering and always with hand-finished details.   Caruso does not try to be the brand only for presidents and world rulers.  It is however of a quality and soul that makes it just as right in boardrooms as well as when you stroll through the Italian countryside with the jacket over your fortunate lover’s shoulder on a chilly evening under the moon.

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